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Int'l Ballet Assemblée
Denpasar - BALI - 2018

International ballet dancers perform at ISI Denpasar

Saturday, 25 Agustus 2018

The performance of "International Ballet Assemble" was performed on the campus of the Denpasar Institute of Indonesian Art. Dozens of ballet dancers from local and foreign groups appear at this international performance.

"The flexible body movements of these ballet dancers were so extraordinary and ISI Denpasar have always accommodated time and space to allow students to experience and inspire a touch of ballet dancing directly," said Vice Chancellor IV Planning and ISI Denpasar Collaboration I Ketut Garwa SSn MSi, on the sidelines of the ballet, in Denpasar, Friday night.

The ballet dance activists from children to adults demonstrated their skills on stage in the Natya Mandala Building, ISI Denpasar. The professional ballet dancers came from Germany and South Korea, including Marti F Paixa, Hyo-Jung Kang, Natasha Maid and Tristan Ridel.

"With this ballet show, we do not just want to engage with the traditional, but through the ages of globalization, we need to be able to combine existing content, such as Eastern and Western art," he said
Garwa added that the ballet activity was an offer by Jongky Goei, a pianist who has played western music. Jongky also recently gave a workshop for the music study program at ISI Denpasar.

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Tribun Bali Newspaper

Pementasan International Ballet Assemblée di Gedung Natya Mandala Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI), Jalan Nusa Indah Gang XIII A, Denpasar, Jumat (24/8). Hadir empat
penari balet profesional dalam garapan yang didukung oleh Vienna State Ballet dan Suttgart Ballet tersebut yakni Marti F. Paixa (Barselona), Hyo Jung Kang (Seoul), Tristan Ridel (Paris), dan Natasha Mair (Vienna). Mereka membawakan Swan Lake 2nd Act dan Blue Bird pas de deux. (released Sunday 2018-08-26)